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Training  DATES

2 Day Course

Construction Contract Management

Date: November 2017

Hosted by ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) & Natax e-logistics Inc.

Country: Curacao

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Natax e-logistics Inc. provides technology consultation, implementation, management, support, and application services for small to big businesses and organizations in Curacao and in the region.

Natax helps organizations determine what technology they need and how best to employ them, providing strategic consulting as well as customized tools, programs and solutions to insure that clients achieve their business and information technology goal.

Natax provides professional services, including Project Management, Software QA and technology training to IT-centric organizations in both the public and private sectors.

CARCUR Forensics Group is integrated in  Natax e-logistics NV/Inc
CARCUR provides ICT Security, Digital & Mobile Forensics and Cyber services, support and training to local and international companies with cooperation with international companies.

Successful Strategy Implementation

The success of a strategy is not determined by its definition and documentation. Some of the greatest strategies have been defined carefully with great thought and insight. They are masterpieces that could not be faulted other than being left on the shelf in head-offices around the world and never implemented. Most companies and organisations are good at defining strategy; very few are good at successfully implementing strategy.

When a strategy has been defined one of the most troublesome tasks an organisation faces (and is often the reason implementation fail) is developing meaningful objectives and their associated key performance indicators (KPIs). This task has to be structured. Without a good methodology to create Objectives and KPIs, a strategy will never be successfully implemented.

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