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For more than 25 years, Natax e-logistics Inc. provides technology consultations, implementation, management support, and application support to businesses and organizations in Curacao and LATAM.

We are specialized in Technology and Management support, and assist our clients to find the most adequate solutions to enable them to efficiently manage their businesses

We work with our clients to search for and build the best alternatives for growth by shaping the appropriate strategy at corporate and/or business unit level.

We work together with companies’ top management to clarify alternatives, refine ideas, and quantify solutions. Our consultants are highly skilled in understanding businesses in their context—understanding markets and their trends—and using their specific knowledge of each company, its markets and the various market players to ensure the right approach to the short- and medium-term challenges and goals set.



Management Strategy 

ICT - Advice and Support

Project Management -  advice, support and implementation

Business/company Processes - Description, Revision & Implementation

Performance Management & KPI implementation & monitoring

Process Management advice and support

Supply Chain & Logisticss

Market Research

Natax  Service & Support is designed to assist and support customers with the use of our products and systems.
Natax  Service & Support is designed to assist and support customers with the use of our products and systems.

                                      Our Services

  • IT strategy, system plans and change management.
  • Improved efficiency and performance in IT.
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Selection and installation of business software. (Supply Chain & Logistics)
  • Support in process description and implementation
  • Cybersecurity. advice and support
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