Course Seminar

  Managing the Design Process

2 Day Course

Managing the Design Process

Keeping on Schedule, within Budget, and Selecting the Right Resources


Date(s): 11 & 12 november 2019

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Location:       Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Baden Powellweg 1, Curacao

Country:        Curacao

Seminar fee: $2250 excl. 6% obtax

ASCE INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Lonny Simonian, P.E., P.M.P.


Purpose and Background

This seminar provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage the design process and prepare construction documents. Specific time and cost management skills, as well as quality control/assurance techniques, will be presented to enable design engineers, engineering consultants, and civil service professionals to produce cost effective construction documents for building and civil infrastructure projects.

Topics covered include:

Developing request for proposals and defining project work scopes,

Developing design schedules,

Conducting design meetings and negotiations,

Managing changes and extra work,

Time and budget management, and

Quality control/assurance techniques

Seminar Benefits

Be able to analyze and comprehend the integration and interrelatedness of cost, time, quality and resources for managing the design process Increase your ability to recognize and identify the documentation and record keeping requirements during design and the associated legal implications

Be familiar with value engineering and its application throughout the design process

Limit the number of errors and omissions and protect professional liability, insurance costs, and premiums

Understand how to apply engineering standards and consider realistic issues including engineering economics, constructability, environmental requirements, sustainability, and safety

Be able to analyze and comprehend quality control/assurance issues with regard to the design process

Understand how to recognize and avoid costly construction changes through quality control/assurance during the design phase of a project

Learning Outcomes

Manage the design process and avoid problems that occur during construction

Prepare cost effective construction documents

Maintain design schedules and budgets, and meet project deadlines

Better convey design scope to clients, public agency officials, design consultants, and the public

Specific Learning Objectives Include

Define the scope of a project

Define and distinguish the differences between a project and program

List the goals of portfolio management

Recognize the level of authority of a project manager under various organizational structures

List and define the characteristics of various organizational structures

List the underlying concept for the interaction among the project management process

List the characteristics of the Project Management Process for groups

Identify project stakeholders and list actions to include them

List the actions and activities that are necessary to satisfy completion or exit criteria for the project List actions for a project team to be successful Recognize project constraints

Demonstrate knowledge of schedule compression techniques and how to obtain the greatest amount of compression for the least incremental cost

Demonstrate knowledge of resource leveling

Define and recognize the uses of analogous estimating

Demonstrate the use of the Earned Value Technique (EVT)

List the fundamental tenets of modern quality management and quality control

Demonstrate the use of a work breakdown structure

List the usefulness of bar charts

Identify the key concepts of project cost management

List and recognize the differences between pareto chart, bar chart, network diagram, and critical path

Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Studies and real-life examples will be used to assess achievement of learning outcomes.

Special Features

All participants receive the e-book publication Construction Concepts and Practice.

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is designed for design engineers, consulting engineers, project engineers, construction engineers, engineering project managers, and public works administrators who want to learn more about how to better manage the design of civil infrastructure projects - from conceptual design to construction documents.


Seminar Outline

TIME: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Project Scoping and Conceptual Design

Defining the scope of a project

Developing a project management plan

Scope verification, monitoring and control

Identifying Funding Sources

The Design Process - Execution, Monitoring, and Control

Developing design schedules

The importance of and determining milestones

Selecting a Project Delivery Method - Design-Build, Design-Assist, and Design-Bid-Build Types and options for design and construction cifications

Establishing and Managing Design and Coordination Meetings

Types of meetings and meeting conduct

Setting agendas and meeting schedules

Documentation and meeting minutes/notes and legal issues

Professional Services - The Role and Use of Engineering Design Consultants

Disciplines and types needed

Developing Request for Proposals (RFP)

Evaluating and selecting design consultants/sub-consultants

Meeting Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirements for engineering design consultants

Establishing Design Schedules and Budgets

Project scheduling and management techniques

Determining and estimating durations for design activities

Techniques for estimating resource for design activities

Schedule development and control

Integrated time/cost management and control through earned value

Design Documentation and Record Keeping

Developing a File Management System

Design documentation and recording design assumptions

Design photographs and pre-construction photographs

Use of computers and web-enabled project management applications Use of Geographic Information Systems

Quality Management during the Design Process

Quality Assurance (QA)/Quality Control (QC) Fundamentals

-  Recommended Practices and Recommended procedures for QA/QC

-  Developing and implementing a QA/QC plan      

-  Access to the design by QA/QC personnel

-  Project fast-tracking and the effect on contract document preparation

Constructability Reviews

-  Integrating constructability reviews into the design process

-  Suggested methods for performing constructability reviews

-  Scheduling constructability reviews during the design process

-  Construction specifications and drawing conflicts

Public Outreach and Communications Management in the Design Phase

 Stakeholder identification and management

Communication planning and Information distribution

Developing Public Information Plans

Planning and conducting Public Meetings How to work community organizations

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